Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween was awesome! My pictures? Not so much. We had a great night hanging with friends, having some heartburn-inducing chili for dinner (washed down with a heartburn-inducing glass of water - I'm definitely need some heartburn prescription!) before we headed out for free candy. Patrick was excited to be a dino until he learned Anna was going to wear a costume, too, then he wanted to go as a costume... and on the way to their house he kept saying "I see Halloween!" We got to explain that Halloween is a day, not a place, and costumes are what you WEAR, not what you are DRESSED AS. Pretty tricky! Anna (aka Mary Poppins) was always the head of the trick or treating pack, but Patrick and Isaac (aka Bert) caught on quickly to the drill.

Step 1: say "Trick or Treat," preferably to the person passing out candy, but often to a yet-unopened door, or not at all if that person was anything scarier than a normal human being.

Step 2: Hold out bag, but as often as not get all flustered by the crowd and forget to actually GET the candy.

Step 3: Say "thank you!" and try not to fall down the stairs. Isaac's hat hindered his line of sight (I guess I got a good shot of THAT) and Patrick's dino feet were twice the size he's used to, so this was probably the hardest one of all!
Eli chilled with mom or whined with dad (dad's good, but he's no mom) and generally enjoyed the amazing weather without feeling the need to ask for candy on top of it all. This isn't exactly the best view of Eli's costume, but you can be sure he was a darn cute dino, possibly even an overheated one. The weather was CRAZY nice!
Anyway, our holiday turned out wonderfully, but I'm glad it's over! I never really got into the spirit, so I just felt guilty the whole time like I was gypping my kids out of some amazing childhood experience! Pretty sure they're not going to remember that we never actually carved those pumpkins we bought... maybe next year :)

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