Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy Early Birthday, Eli!
Let's see... one year ago I was feeling some nasty effects of castor oil and hoping for the best...
We celebrated early as a family because I forgot to request Tuesday, Eli's actual birthday, off from work. We didn't mind having cake a day early, though, and we didn't think the kids would, either. Patrick helped me bake, sample, and decorate the cake. Eli also sampled, and they both approved. We ate cheesy hamburger helper for dinner in honor of Eli, who I knew would scarf that down since cheese and noodles are his favorites. After dinner was cake and ice cream (of course), and unlike for my neice Amelia's 1st birthday I put this "1" facing the correct way. I'll get the hang of these so-called "numbers" one of these days!Eli immediately picked up his entire slice of cake and Joe and I were excited to see him shove it in his mouth, but after picking it up he just didn't know what to do with it! He held it for a few minutes and we had to help him out by putting it back on his tray and feeding it to him (which he gets bored of quickly) and then letting him feed himself. He loves to use utensils, so if he's bored of the eating process I just bust out a fork and he's got a second wind! Even pb&j is better when eaten with a fork. He polished off his slice and BOTH boys had to head to the bathtub before presents, hence the pajamas. Eli had no idea what to do with the gifts, even though I made it as easy as possible - he likes the destroy the REST of the house, but pull tissue paper out of a bag to uncover a surprise? I think not! So Patrick helped, and immediately commandeered each toy as it was uncovered. He got some movies (OK, the movies are for Patrick right now, but Eli will enjoy them eventually) and an electronic book that sings and interacts and some wooden toy food for the play kitchen. I've been so looking forward to the play food - the boys love playing with the kitchen and I've had it equipped with empty spice bottles and juice boxes, but the pretend stuff is SO CUTE! Eli liked to eat the pretend stick of butter and Patrick poured me juice and heated me up a package of bologna as a sandwich - yummm! I'm looking forward to seeing how the gifts play out over time - sometimes the things you think will be GREAT are dusty and forgotten and the things you'd never expect are their favorites. Then again, sometimes you're right on the money. I think these gifts are all right on the money!

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Kari and Jonathan said...

Sometimes I wonder why we don't let Amelia use utensils, and then I see that picture of Eli and realize Jonathan would have a heart attack at age 31 if Amelia ever looked like that, and I remember. Gotta dive in sometime though. Cute pictures and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eli! :)