Thursday, November 4, 2010


I guess I've updated on the kids but have done a decent job of leaving Joe, me, and my waistline out of the picture (literally, there are extremely few photos of us). Me and the waistline have been MIA for good reason - we're getting to THAT stage of the game, where it's nice that I'm obviously pregnant, but not nice that my face feels the need to also be carrying around some extra weight, like if I didn't get my standard 6 meals a day my body could feed off my cheeks and chin. Case in point:Not the most flattering, and I'm not even seriously tucking my chin! All things considered, I'm thinking of switching my MO to "likes being pregnant" (which is good because I've been pregnant roughly 27 months of the 42 months we've been married); there are downfalls (and double chins) but there are also naps, fun maternity clothes, and the general miracle of life that I am reminded of every time there's a foot in my ribs. I like when people ask about my pregnancy, I even like when people want to tough "the belly," but I have to admit that I am kind of a brat when it comes to discussing the gender - I am very lucky that I am healthy and the baby looks healthy, and that's really all anyone can ask for! But when I mention (or people see) that I have two boys they assume I must be DYING for a girl. To date I have had NOBODY ask, "are you hoping for another boy?" but countless people HAVE asked, "are you hoping for a girl?" And maybe I get bratty because actually I WAS hoping for a boy! I've got the right size clothes in the right seasons, all the right toys and books, I know how the clean the nooks and crannies on those seriously poopy diapers, and I wanted our kids close in ages so they would be great playmates. I couldn't ask for much closer than 13 months, and I'm sure they'll play together, but they just play differently! It can't last the same way that my sisters and I played Barbies when we were 6 and now scrapbook together when we're 26. So while I was looking forward to a guilt-free couple-year break without pregnancy and babies, now I feel like there's a little bit of (self-applied) pressure to try for another girl after this one's born so SHE'LL have someone to play with when she gets a little bigger. Which, of course, could backfire and she'll be the meat in an all-brother sandwich, but at least we gave it a try! Anyway, here's me and baby #3 at 33 weeks.

Now for Joe - there's no real reason he hasn't been mentioned much. His winter scruff would hide a double-chin, too, so no reason I don't have any photos! Shame on me. He is busy at work, as usual, continuing as a Project Engineer at the CU dorms job. For a few glorious weeks I gave up getting up with him before he left for work because the boys were both sleeping until 8 a.m., so I slept in, too. He usually leaves around 6:30 a.m. and gets home at 6:30 p.m., Mon-Fri with the occasional Saturday shift as well. When CU is done in the spring we don't know what's next, so we'll just wait and see where he'll be commuting - hopefully not far! He's doing incredibly well, though, he is very good at his job and looking forward to becoming an Assistant Project Manager in the next year or so. While we miss him tons during the day (Eli gets up at 7 and goes to bed at 7, so he only sees him 30 minutes a day) we appreciate how he provides for our family, and the boys always get their "dad time" on Saturdays while I go in to work for a few hours. It works out nicely to have at least a little balance that way.

This weekend there is LOTS of balance because I don't have to worry about anyone! Joe took the boys to his parents' house for the weekend; he's going hunting nearby for a few days for deer/elk, so they'll have a sleepover while he has a campout! BRRRRRRR! I'm totally nervous but I also realise that worrying won't change anything so I've made a list of things to keep myself busy while they're gone, like update my blog (done!) and do a whole heap of scrapbooking.


Kari and Jonathan said...

Have a great, peaceful weekend! :)

Elsha said...

Hey, cute shirt;) I love Patrick's hair in that first picture. It's awesome. Enjoy your weekend!

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

Wow! Enjoy a weekend to yourself!
You crack me up and I'm glad I took a peak because last I knew you weren't blogging anymore.
Your boys are too cute, little look-a-likes!
FYI: I don't know how anxious you will be for #4 after #3. I do want more children, but I must say for the moment I'm a bit maxed out at 3! It's way different than 2!
Now go spoil yourself!