Sunday, August 8, 2010

Updates on our family

It's been a busy few weeks for our family! First we were gone; we spirited ourselves off to Utah to Bear Lake for some much-needed vacation and time with family. Here are some highlights:
Gorgeous scenery from the balcony....
...of the gorgeous homes we stayed in.
Lots of very yummy, very LARGE meals for our very large crowd.
Way fun times at the beach! Patrick enjoyed time with his cousin Espen and grandpa Gus
The black sand made for some interesting diaper changes after the beach!
Tons of fun swimming (soaking) in the cooled-down hot tub. A lot more comfortable than the lake!
We had an excellent few days, we never ran out of things to do! The boys were loathe to sit still for 5 seconds to take a nice picture. Patrick was most certainly not letting go of his dinosaurs.
We're all definitely looking forward to the reunion next year!
The original plan after the reunion was to send Patrick to my parent's house so he could stay and play with cousins Kalena and William, not to mention his Most Favorite Person "gampa gussanan" (Gustavson, if you didn't know my maiden name), but that fell through when he got a bit homesick, along with a bit of a cough, on the last day. So we held off and laid low at home for 2 weeks. This weekend we had most of my siblings come back into town, though, to celebrate my neice Amelia's 1st birthday - hooray! We had a good time hanging out and eating junk food, but Joe laid a lot lower than usual since he came down with strep throat and has slept more in 4 days than he usually does in 10 (not even joking). Hopefully he gets better soon! The good news is that Patrick got better and instead of being homesick is now sick of being home, so after the party we sent him on his merry way to Grand Junction to stay for a few days, or however long he feels happy. It'll be super weird to be back to one child, and a baby no less! I know Patrick will miss having Eli around, but judging from today Eli is loving getting ALL of my attention. I'll see if we can't have some fun bonding time, just the two of us :)


Eric and Amy said...

Fun pics of the reunion!

Sorry to hear that Joe got strep throat. We missed you guys at Water World.

I didn't know that Fafa was in town now. We'll have to call over to the house and set up some play dates!

Eric and Amy said...

P.S. Don't pull out the white hairs on your head. One day they might not grow back in. That would be worse. It's much better to dye them.

P.P.S. Not true for the chin hair. Sorry.

Kari and Jonathan said...

I'm so surprised PJ is not wanting to come home yet! Elsha keeps telling me the funny things he says. Wish I was there with them. Enjoy your "alone" time!!