Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good Day, Sunshine

I've really enjoyed the warm summer sun drying our clothes on the line - it certainly saves on our energy bill (especially since our ghetto dryer doesn't turn off by itself, which can be a bummer if I remember that 3 hours or so ago I started it - whoops!), it saves me from having to fold a load of hot laundry, and it saves our poor house from getting any hotter from an accidental 3-hour dry cycle. What's been the best, though, is seeing the little kids clothes on the line - it just melts my heart every time! Even as Eli is sitting under the line tossing damp clothes out of the basket and onto the dirt, driving me nuts, the clothes ON the line still make me smile. I love having the sweet baby girl stuff up, but it's even more fun to see it next to the boys' things, realizing what a full family we're going to have. The baby girl stuff is from a very generous friend, and I'm having SO much fun getting all the clothes ready for her arrival, even though it's months away. Gotta line-dry while we can!


hibiscusgirl said...

don't you just LOVE clothes lines?!!! I love ours. would hang max's cloth diapers out on it & they are so cute. plus the sun bleaches out any stains! yay for using what we already have!

Kari and Jonathan said...

That is really cute. Looks like a picture from a movie or postcard or something. I laugh that we took out our clothes line and you put one in! :) I'm just too lazy to hang everything up. I love seeing the baby lady clothes on there! Can't wait for her arrival.