Friday, August 13, 2010

Dino's and big bro's

When Patrick was a baby everything was new and different and SPECIAL, oh so special! I was pretty sure he was the only baby who did what he did when he did it... not that he was advanced or anything, but it was always surprising to me when we'd hang out with similar age-babies and "hey, they can crawl now, too? Well, I suppose that makes sense..." Now that Eli's got 3/4 of a year under his belt I have had many opportunities to see very similar things at very similar ages and, looking back, I realize Patrick may not have been so completely unique after all. As the demotivator reminds us, "You are unique - just like everybody else." I certainly don't DISLIKE it, I think it's wonderful! And helpful! And fun! Knowing what to look forward to next, knowing better to enjoy it while it's here, and then having something to compare it to side-by side. Like these little videos of our boys at 9 months, roaring like dinosaurs. The difference with Eli is that we HAVE dinosaurs to play with and Patrick models how to use them, so the roaring seems less random. It's so nice to have a big brother to show you the ropes :)
Here is Patrick roaring at nothing in particular while we wait for the doctor.