Sunday, January 3, 2010

So blessed!

Today was Eli's blessing at church, which ended up a little more exciting than we planned. We set the date and filled out the paperwork with our bishop, who ended up being sick and gone today and we ended up being a little late so I couldn't confirm with anyone on the stand that they knew we were supposed to bless him. Turns out, they didn't know! After another baby was blessed they were getting ready to go on with the program so I had to sneak up to the front (not so very sneaky, it is IN FRONT OF EVERYTHING) and say "wait for us!" For a split second I thought about saying "forget it, we'll do it next week or next month" but Eli was all dressed (you know, the most important part), we'd asked a few friends to stand in on the blessing, Kari and Jonathan were at church for it, and we HAD filled out the paperwork! He was getting blessed, by golly, even if I had to announce it myself! Fortunately it didn't come to that, they just plugged the mic back in and we were in business. But what a day, I'm glad church isn't normally so exciting for me.
See? All dressed.
EVERYONE got dressed nicely, I just HAD to butt in!
We love having Kari and Jonathan visit, even if we're put on babysitting duty while they go to a Broncos game. Too bad the game was awful!


Elsha said...

Looking good!

Kathy said...

Sorry I missed it. I love the picture with all 4 of you.

stylishme said...

You guys look so cute all dressed up. It was so great to see you and your family over the Holidays. Like I said I really do enjoy reading your blog... and this time I even left a comment :) So keep 'em coming.