Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maybe he should work on Saturday more often!

Joe had to work on Saturday, which I was initially really bummed out about, for obvious reasons. Saturday is for FUN, not work. We managed to combine the two, though, when Joe invited us to Boulder to visit the job site. I used to take Patrick to the job site every week when he worked in Fort Collins and we lived a mere 5 minutes away, but it's kinda tough to justify a 30-minute drive when I know Joe's busy so we won't see him and there are plenty of construction sites we're passing on the way. Since it was just him in the office, though, as soon as we showed up he walked outside with us and we got to see some MAJOR groundwork - a huge bulldozer and two backhoes were working so hard! Really, it's unusual to see that much work going on at a time at any job site, and we were lucky enough to only be about 20 feet away! Patrick was in heaven! Eli was asleep in the car, his own little version of heaven. We watched the cars for about 30 minutes, then went to Taco Bell for lunch (Joe and I hope there is a Taco Bell in our heaven), then went back and watched MORE bulldozer action! It was definitely worth the trip down.

When Joe finally had to get back to his desk to get some work done we tagged along - Eli had just woken up and needed some time to stretch before we got back in the car for the 30 minute drive home. In the office Patrick drew on Joe's giant white board - he'd never played with dry-erase markers before and he was LOVING it! Even after an hour of art he was mad that we were leaving. Eli was ready for a nap, though, so we loaded back up into the car and BOTH boys fell asleep on the ride home - yesssss! Eli stayed crashed out in his car seat and Patrick slept for an hour in the car, then and hour in his own bed, then half an hour in my lap, and finally woke up because daddy was home! So I dreaded Joe's day at work for nothing - we got to see him, eat lunch with him (which we never get to do), watch giant machines with him, and before we knew it he was home again!

The evening flew by, as evenings always do, and Joe and I picked up "Surrogates" to watch that night. We really enjoyed the movie, though it's parallels to "I, Robot" were a bit of a let-down. Still, you know that any day that begins and ends with machines is going to be above-average :)


Kari and Jonathan said...

What a great Saturday! Getting out always makes the days go faster, and visiting daddy is the best outting ever!

hibiscusgirl said...

how nice! I LOVE construction sites & vehicles as much as max does.

Cam has worked every weekend since mid oct. Last sunday was his first day home with us in months. it was very nice!

I want taco bell now too. do you know about the nuggets deal if they score over 100 pts the night before?

there was something else I needed to tell you but can't remember. s

hibiscusgirl said...

I forgot to tell you the other night bur remembered today.

have you see those dry erase boards that are stick on & peel off? We got one for Max at Home Depot for $7. We put it on the inside of his toy cabinet on the door. He loves it, although must be supervised. haa!