Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy birthday!

Last week was a little crazy with a fantastic zoo expedition on Monday followed by a horrendous night up with an attack of croup, followed by a week of staying home so we didn't contaminate any other poor souls with croup (whoever gave it to US should be made accountable! Seriously, STAY HOME!), but things have been looking up lately!

For one, we went to the Aquarium! Instead of getting presents for Patrick we spent Saturday morning checking out wa-wa's (fish) and rogs (frogs) and ssssssss' (snakes) for as long as he darn well pleased - a present that we ALL enjoyed! Plus, his grandparents got him things, so we were pretty well off the hook :)

Today was wonderful because it was actually his birthday! And just in time, he learned to say "two" (as much as I'd prefer him to build up that vocbulary, he'd prefer to not to, and he really had the final say). This morning he slept in (not because it was his birthday, of course, but the coincidence was fortuitous) and we had pancakes for breakfast and this afternoon we baked a cake together. Not just any cake, a FROG cake because he's so fascinated by frogs at the moment. He was THRILLED, I never imagined an amphibian confection would be such a hit. We also made cake-ball "ants" to go with it, since (in his little mind) no frog is complete without ants to eat.
He liked the ants but wouldn't eat the cake because the frosting is green. He thought it was some sort of vegetable.
Unwrapping presents - it was lucky he had any presents to unwrap! Joe and I are both terrible about wanting to open presents as soon as they appear. Waiting is for sissies :)
DANG I love these guys to pieces! What a lucky girl I am


hibiscusgirl said...

happy birthday Patrick! Glad you got to enjoy your day spending time with the people you love. that's what is important! (<:

Eric said...

Happy b-day Patrick! It sounds like a fun day.(I got my wish in just in time. It's almost belated.)

Kathy said...

Happy 2 day! I love your frog cake. It looks so awesome and yummy, especially the ants. What an awesome Mom you have for making that for you.

Elsha said...

I love that he wouldn't eat the cake because the frosting is green. That's so Patrick.

Kari and Jonathan said...

I bet if you blended that cake into a smoothie he would drink it! :) great cake.. I could never pull that one off! It's still so crazy to me that you have a 2-year old! Is he terrible yet?? Lol

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

You are a very lucky girl! That's a dang cute cake, I love how he wouldn't eat it because it was green. That is hillarious! Sorry about the croup. Moms that take their sick kids out are so ANNOYING!