Monday, October 12, 2009

The house - updates

Why does it seem like it's hugely pregnant woman who are the most likely to be overhauling their houses? Nesting, perhaps? In my case, a foreclosure in need of serious TLC before the new baby comes, which just happened to be purchased during the last few hugely pregnant months? Yep, that sounds about right! Here's what we've been up to:

- Installing a garage door opener. YAAAAAY! You have no idea what this meant to me as my car was parked snugly in the garage while it snowed unseasonably early outside (and on Joe's car. He's so nice to let the pregnant lady have parking honors, even though he leaves first every morning!)

- Painting Patrick's room a nice light blue. No more nasty tangerine/peach combo! Still finishing up with the ceiling, don't mind the blue tape or the mess. Or Patrick, buried under those covers.
- Paiting the master bedroom/newborn nook in a neutral creamy tan, with an accent wall, just painted today! We're very thrilled to not be living in a plum/cadet blue combo anymore. I scraped the popcorn celings two weeks ago, then we textured last Thursday, painted last Friday, and are trying to finish up today (or at least SOON) so we can move out of our guest room and back into our own bed. Again, don't mind the tape or the complete lack of anything else in the photo - we still need to put the room back together.

- Un-gardening. After the first freeze all the veggies were fine but the plants were goners, so we harvested what we could and took everything else out of the ground. Now we've got big plans for next year's garden based on what we liked (anaheim peppers and cucumbers) and didn't like (hot-hot-HOT cascabella peppers!)
- Planting trees - a maple in the front for a little shade and privacy in the years to come, and a pear tree in the back for yummy snacks in the future. At the moment they just look kinda scraggley since they're so small, but they (like us) have big dreams, I'm sure.

- Our future project: installing a furnace. We've been living without one so far, which was fine and dandy 'til the snow reared its ugly white head, so since then we've been living with a space-heater and lots of sweatpants and heavy covers on our beds. If we have company over, we tell them to wear mittens. The furnace will get here this Thursday, so there's the next thing to look forward to: HEAT!

Joe keeps laughing at me because I am so hell-bent on getting these fairly large projects done RIGHT NOW and with my fairly large belly to boot, but I've got tons of help with painting with a friend (thanks, Valerie!) and babysitting while I paint solo (thanks, Jeanette!) and it's the last few weeks of decent weather, so I say GO FOR IT! 3 weeks 'til blast-off (November 2nd is my official due date) so let's see what else we can tackle before life tackles me back :)

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Kari and Jonathan said...

I love how the paint turned out in your room! Glad you're getting things done :) It's all I can do to make it downstaris once a day to check Blogger before the baby cries, lol. Can't wait to meet your new little man though!