Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy early Halloween!

Two weeks early, to be exact, but that's when our ward's party was, so we got in the spirit and dressed up and had a GREAT time! Patrick was a fireman - a costume I thought he would be THRILLED about and not want to take off, since he is very much in love with his (ok, Joe's childhood) fire truck and has super-sonic hearing when it comes to sirens, proclaiming them all to be "hot!" - as in, fires are hot, so obviously a fire truck is a hot truck. I was mistaken, though, and he hated the hat, tolerated the coat, but was in LOVE with the little dalmation that came with the costume (not pictured - I was afraid we'd lose it!).

Noooo, not the stupid hat again!

Well, maybe we can tolerate it for ONE picture - but then it's gone!Perhaps the costume sank in on the way to the party, though; we had to pull over for two fire trucks to pass us and I excitedly explained that those were fire trucks and he was a fire man, and then he started pointing to his costume like he was getting the gist. Ohhh, happy day when connections are made! As for me, I was a pregnant pause. GET IT???
Patrick and all the kids under about 3 years old had a blast playing with hula-hoops. I remember hula-hoops being fun, sure, but this kept them entertained for a solid HOUR! Was there some sort of toddler catnip in them?? And can I buy some of that toddler'nip?
Discussing the musical selection with the DJ. If it were up to Patrick I think we would have heard a lot less Thriller and a lot more Itsy-Bitsy Spider.
Say goodnight! It's WAAAAY past bedtime!


Kari and Jonathan said...

SUUUPER Cute. Love the creativeness of yours. Reminds me of when Salem was a Freudian slip :)

The Miz said...

Okay, finally a picture of you. The way you talk I was expecting to see Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Kirsta, are you ready for this?