Monday, March 9, 2015

Broken No More!

Caroline got her cast of today and the results are in - she's fixed! Her perfectly-snapped-in-two arm is now mostly-perfectly growing back together. It's only mostly perfect because the bones didn't mend in a straight line - they healed at an oblique angle. You can't tell from the outside, but the x-ray gave me a start; I thought, "oh no! They'll have to re-break it and re-set it!" but the orthopedist assured me it was just fine, and as she grows the bones will straighten back out. So I relaxed and took her home to jump on the trampoline. Maybe she can re-break it herself ;)

On Sunday Caroline was sitting with her Primary class, as usual, and I was in the front of the Primary room, as usual. USUALLY I'll let her sit with me for a minute or two at some point, but this particular day I was conducting the meeting AND teaching sharing time, so she needed to stay with her teacher. She called something to me from her seat, but I couldn't hear. She called again, and again I couldn't hear. I walked over to her seat; "what did you say, sweetheart?" Caroline replied, "I said you're a bad mom."

Caroline, and all my kids for that matter, have a habit (probably inherited from their mother) of beating around the bush to ask for something. I distinctly remember as a kid watching my mom mix up a pitcher of Kool-Aid; I hovered near and said, "that Kool-Aid looks REALLY good." At that moment my brother walked by and said something sweet and gentle, like, "just ask her if you can have a drink, you idiot!" It was an eye-opener! I knew what I had been trying to ask for, and of course my mom had amazing telepathic mom-powers and SHE knew, too, but that other people could read into my oh-so-secret language of subtlety?!? Shocker! And now I see my kids doing it all the time (like the Seagull I mentioned). Patrick will see a brownie at Kari's house and say, "I really wish my mom would make brownies at our house." OI (Obvious Interpretation): May I have a brownie? Eli will see leftover pizza rolls and say, "Caroline asked to be excused..." OI: can I finish her dang pizza rolls? Kari and I have great chuckles over the myriad ways they come up with for asking a simple question. Perhaps they think they, too, possess incredible powers of subtlety and we, as moms, have incredible telepathic powers.

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