Monday, August 11, 2014

This summer has been one for the books in terms of construction action around the neighborhood! Two houses laid sod, one of those houses had a skid steer and ditch-witch to dig a sprinkler system in,  and our next-door neighbor had a new sewer clean out installed in her front yard. Her project included the work of a backhoe loader. It was parked outside her house for a few days, then worked for one full day, and Ethan LOVED going to check it out. Every time he woke up, morning or naps, he would point to the window and say "diggy-dump!" because he wanted to go see the digger-dumper. It was really sad when the work was all done, for days afterwards he asked to see the diggy-dump.  While it lasted, though, it was great - the boys got their dump truck and loader toys from the dan box and vrvoomed them around the driveway for a while while they watched. The operator couldn't help but notice his fan club, so he dug a nice pile of dirt and dumped it in our driveway just for them! They were over the moon, they played with that pile of dirt FOR HOURS.  Sometimes I really love having my kids at home just to see this stuff - it's the mundane things that are really awesome. The moths, the sewer lines, the baby birds (just wait for that post...)  It's so fun to watch them, watching the world.

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