Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Baby bird

 While trimming out some dead wood from out neighbor's bush I accidentally disturbed a bird's nest. Two eggs fell on the ground, so I picked ten up, put them back in the nest, and hoped for the best. Sure enough, the mother bird came back and took care of her eggs, and sure enough, one of those eggs hatched. I felt terrible that both didn't make it, but saying "my bad!" didn't seem to change anything, so I just felt happy that at least one survived. Every day the kids would go out and check on it's growth (it was in a bush, not a tree), and before we knew it the little thing was getting ready to fly! We came home from church to find it perched on our porch swing; we sloooowly crept up so we wouldn't frighten it.... then we sloooowly got closer and it still didn't budge.... so we got closer and took a picture....

...after a few minutes we realized that bird wasn't moving an inch! No sneaking necessary. The kids enjoyed watched it, they brought it a bowl of water and some bread crumbs, they eventually got bored and found other things to do, and THREE HOURS LATER THE BIRD STILL HADN'T LEFT!

.... and I realized it had positioned itself in front of the cracked-open window, which was blowing cold air.

Pretty smart baby bird.

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Elsha said...

Haaaaa. That is awesome.