Sunday, August 24, 2014

Silly saying

I still haven't written up our long vacation in July, and here the end of August is upon us... but still, it's not gonna happen here! Another night, perhaps, complete with pictures...

Tonight is saved for funny things I heard from my kids lately.

As I do laundry I leave the boys' clean items on top of their dresser, then on Saturday they need to get them all put away. Sometimes things stick together and they accidentally get Caroline's sock, or a dish towel, and this week they got a pair of my underwear... like, cutesy underwear. Eli said, "Oh, no mom - an accident. We got Caroline's underwear." I looked and smiled, "No, those are mine. You can put them in my room." Eli's eyes went wide as he held them up and laughed, "They're teeeeeny!" I had to laugh, too - I'm pretty sure I could wear Eli's underwear. It's always a shocking moment when you realize you're the same size as your mother.

Patrick came across Joe's old iPod, which he had used at the gym that morning, and handed it to me wondering what it was a remote to (his earbuds weren't attached, it does look a remote for apple t.v.). I said, "It's not a remote, it's dad's iPod." Patrick prepared himself to be disappointing, stating, "but dad hasn't downloaded any games on it, has he?" I chuckled and said, "No, iPods ONLY play music, you can't play games on them." Eli happened to be playing with a red dollar store calculator at that moment (one of their all-time favorite dollar store purchases), and declared, "This is my iPod. It only plays numbers."

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Tante Sherrye said...

See? I was all prepared for the underwear story to go in the "granny-pants" direction.
Awesome! I AM impressed :-)
(if this posts twice - it's google's fault...)