Saturday, June 21, 2014

The point of art is WINNING

Remember those art contests that Patrick instigates and then declares himself the winner? These are what I was talking about....

Bananasaurus. I think they're from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Eli's (the lower drawing in each photo) has very long arms and claws!

Lions. Surprisingly similar! Eli just couldn't be bothered to color his in.

Jaguars. Patrick's is more action-packed, but I just DIE at Eli's! Makes me laugh every time I see it - he just captures the essence of the sleek, stealthy jaguar! Hahahaha!

 Tigers. This ALSO makes me die - first, I am so impressed at how intently he colored in the tiger (and jaguar above); second, it only has 2 legs; third, what it going on with the incredibly pointed head? It's a bit of a ridiculous shape. BUT... I am still so impressed! Eli seriously didn't start drawing ANYTHING until about a month ago, he was very content to scribble or do nothing at all. I'd say this is a HUGE improvement over scribbling!

Patrick likes me to color with him if there's time, so I like to show him that he isn't perfect yet. BOOM! I win this round.
Because art is all about winning self-created contests with those whose talents are not as developed.

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