Monday, June 23, 2014


Moth season is DISGUSTING, in my opinion - having moths dive-bomb my head is one of my all-time least-favorite things! But having moths around happens to be one of Ethan's FAVORITE things! He especially loves when they're dead and he can pick them up and proudly carry them around. When he sees one, dead or alive, he shouts "MOF!" and it's so entertaining Joe and I have taken to yelling "MOF!" as well if we happen to see one (even if Ethan isn't around. Such is the nature of parenthood).

Today we saw some serious MOFs on our back patio - I was washing spilled bubbles off the concrete and unknowingly disturbed two amorous moths locked together. Drenched, they crawled out of hiding and once they finally knocked off knocking boots I picked up the larger and less colorful (male, I'm guessing?) moth to get him out of harm's (kids') way while he dried. Ethan was FAR to excited about MOF! MOF! for me to leave him down on the ground (the female found a nice hiding spot nearby), but I had to get a picture :)

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