Sunday, November 3, 2013

Life if like shopping at ARC - you never know what you're gonna get

I went browsing ARC before Halloween - it's where we got Caroline's Halloween costume, I picked up a couple materials for some homemade gifts, and while browsing for a small shelf to hold my piano music I came across THIS:
It's a KOHLER sink! No chips, no cracks, and EXACTLY what we had been looking for! We saw one just like it at Lowe's as a set with the stand (couldn't buy the top separately) for $284. LOVED it, but you know… hard to spend $300 on a sink. 

I wasn't searching for a sink at all - in fact, I've never even SEEN a sink at ARC, so I was really surprised! I think it happened because the Re-Store (which sells salvaged home parts like sinks) is remodeling and not taking donations right now, and ARC is just up the road, so people dropped their salvaged sinks there instead. Well, Kohler is an expensive brand so I was trying REALLY hard not to get my hopes up… I thought it was probably priced for re-sale from $60-$80, but sometimes ARC gets surprisingly high on their horse so it could be even MORE...
Ooooooh, YEAH. $19.99 baby! SOLD to the lady with a cart full of kids and Halloween costumes.


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I know I'm getting older when:
I find something AWESOME for the house and am more excited than if it were a pair of Jimmy Choos for the same price :-) xoxo