Monday, November 4, 2013

Bold and the Beautiful: Part 3

Joe keeps plugging away! I continue to be amazed. 

This week he hung drywall on the walls

and on the ceiling. You can see here the heating vent and the downspout for the shower head poking through the drywall. Joe must have done some serious measuring because usually he measures carefully, cuts carefully, brings the piece in, cusses profusely, re-measures, re-cuts, brings the piece back in, cusses more profusely, and possibly ends up damaging the piece and putting it back together in a non-approved way. Not THIS time! One cut, one installation, one happy Joe, and good looking ceiling.

 The good-looking can light

 He wired in the light last week, here he officially placed the switch box and got the wall up around it.

 Cement board is much harder, and much harder to work with, than drywall, so cutting out multiple holes for the shower valve, outlet, sink drain, hot and cold supply lines, and various angles for the shower curb and wall ledge made this a tricky job… and Joe NAILED IT! Simply amazing. Nice shower basin, too, huh? It's all poured in and sloped and ready for tile! Simply amazing x2.

 Here's what the "tile" looks like. We chose a modern pebble design for the shower basin. Since the shower is small there are lots of angles on the slope from the edges down to the ddrain so we would need small tiles, like mosaic tiles, to accommodate  - but this pebble tile is about the same price per square foot as mosaic tile and (we think) even cooler. Since the basin is open to the rest of the bathroom you'll be able to see it all the time, so the cooler the better!

 A very small compilation of the finishes we chose - large 12x24 wall tiles in "silver" with a layered sandstone look, the pebbled shower floor, and luxury vinyl floor planks for the floor in black oak. Will the floor be dark? Yes. Will it be amazing? YES.

Now imagine that $20 Kohler sink mounted to the awesome tile wall like it's floating… and you've got an idea of how great this bathroom's gonna be by the end of the month! And I say "the end of the month" with an air of confidence because Joe is KILLING IT with this project. More thoughts later on my supporting role in this endeavor...

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