Monday, October 28, 2013


I would include this project in my "Pinned There, Done That" category, but I'm not actually sure I pinned it... I think I had to stop pinning wreaths. As I've stated, I like to pin things I plan can do, not just things I dream about or drool over, and if I made all the wreaths I dreamed about and drooled over... my attic would explode. BUT. There were some super-cute tutu wreaths I saw, mostly springy or birthday themes, but I realized I am shockingly low on Halloween decorations and my sister had some black tulle, soooooo....

 I made it! I at least made one super-cute wreath.

It's hard to see the fun play of smooth round wreath-form surrounded my exploding tulle when it's straight black, so this angle gets it a bit better.

Simple chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby, painted orange and hot glued on. Then I went old-school and busted out a toothbrush and black paint and speckled it. It reminded me of a shelf I decorated with my friend in middle school, we splatter painted with toothbrushes on that bad-boy, too.

All in all, happy I stopped pinned and started working! I've done a few more pinned projects since then but they need to remain surprises since Christmas is only about 9 weeks away (YIPES).