Friday, October 4, 2013

Prince Charming

Remember how 2 months ago I could hardly stand Ethan? Oh, man, 10 months old was a rough age for that particular kid. But NOW... haha! 12 months old is AWE-SOME! I absolutely adore this kid (and it has nothing to do with my last post). Now that he walks he seems much more able to entertain himself, which is not only GREAT it is CUTER THAN CRAP.

For one things, he is still snuggly, if not more snuggly than ever! Every time you pick him up from his little self-entertaining world he is happy to just rest his head against your neck. Bonus: it's not just me! He snuggles Joe as well (unlike Caroline, who is a Mommy's Girl to an unfortunate extreme). DOUBLE bonus: He no longer bites, thank heaven.

For another, look at that HAIR! It's kind of a white 'fro, it's so tall, but we do absolutely nothing with it - no hair products to enhance what nature gave him! It unfailingly receives comments (and a few head rubs) when we take him out shopping.

Here he is entertaining himself by brushing this T-Rex's teeth. He was downstairs brushing away and must have been pretty intent on doing a good job because I first died laughing, then got Joe and we died laughing together, and THEN I got the camera.

Also, he found the perfect place to play hide and seek - under these (newly) upholstered chairs! They're a personal project of mine, I'm pretty proud of them. Joe bought the chairs from Arc, they were faded and frayed and flowery but only $5 apiece, so I got my craft on and now they're pretty cute. Not as cute as the little man underneath them, though :)

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Kari and Jonathan said...

What the random picture of Avery all about? Lol. Beef-man is such a cutie! I'm excited to see his little personality blossom more and more.