Monday, October 28, 2013

Bold and The Beautiful: Part 2

I am so impressed at how this project is going - I've never seen Joe get to a project so intensely! Well, maybe the one time we redid our downstairs bathroom in Thornton, but he was getting all crazy and halfway through got struck down by Strep throat so then the rest of the project dragged.... but I have a feeling this will be different. For one, this is more INTENSE. More ripping out means more putting back together. For another, on the last bathroom he was rushing to get it done before company comes (that's how we usually roll) and stayed up until 1 a.m. so when he got sick he wasn't nearly well-rested enough to battle back; this time he works until Ethan goes to bed (Ethan's wall IS the bathroom wall) and then we chill and watch some Netflix. Even with all the downtime the project is FLYING!
 Ceiling and wall completely ripped out. Joe needed to work on some wiring because the last fixture wasn't secured with a junction box, but he needed to work on some plumbing because he couldn't FIT a junction box, so now we have some slightly-moved pipes, a per-code light installation, and the world's most basic (and ugly) placeholder light.

 Whoa, when did THAT shower basin get here?! It took about a week, but Joe formed it up himself, installed a new drain, poured the concrete, laid the gray waterproof membrane, and has it ready for another layer of concrete - the layer where we set tile!

 Before tiles comes walls, of course, and now that these are re-plumbed and they're ready for some hardi-backer boards. I thought you could see it when I took the picture, but there is also a new can light in the ceiling! More light! Hooray! Joe wired that in solo, like it ain't no thang :) Notice how there is no longer a dangling showerhead? Yep, he cut that out and re-piped the faucet to the interior wall. The showerhead looks like it's missing, but really it's in the....

CEILING! We're going to have a rain showerhead! Not shown, of course, just the plumbing fittings for it, but I am so stoked. I will be singin' in the rain.

Every DIY project has to have a snag, of course, so a minor snag on our project was ripping out the drywall on the exterior wall - carpenter ants had had their way and the drywall was destroyed, as were some of the furring strips (boards secured to the concrete so that you can fasten drywall to them, instead of drywall to the concrete). This was just a good opportunity for Joe to buy a new tool: a hammer drill to nail new strips to the concrete. What's a home project without a new tool to decorate the garage?

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