Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Pickers

Obligatory pumpkin patch post:
Hey, we got pumpkins!  Like every *totally awesome* parent should, we went to the pumpkin patch and took pictures.  It was pretty much NOT picturesque, it was so windy, but it was sunny so we hadn't brought jackets for the kids and they were freezing, so we just grabbed the first pumpkin we saw and got back to the car. 
Smile, Caroline, so we can get the pumpkin and get back in the car!

Why are we still out here taking pictures? We're all freezing!
Kari picked out a nice pumpkin for Amelia and smuggled one for herself under her shirt. You only THINK she's pregnant so she can get free pumpkins. 
Joe was the first to retire to the car since Eli was a total wuss. He didn't even pick out his own pumpkin. 
Jonathan guarded Addilyn and Ethan while the big kids (minus Eli) found their perfect carving canvases.  

The excursion wasn't a bust, though, as we had the Phelps over for dinner afterward and we warmed up with some cranberry bread we bought at the store at the patch.  And, of course, we got our pumpkins!

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