Sunday, October 14, 2012


Who DOESN'T want to be held like this?
Well, anyway, I think it's safe to say Ethan was born with some ready-made buddies.  The boys LOVE him, especially Eli.  Well, especially Patrick, too, but Eli goes above and beyond to make sure Ethan knows it.  He always asks to hold Ethan on his lap, gives him pats and strokes his head, and suggests at the slightest whimper that I need to give him "my milks" (much less embarassing to call them that so he doesn't shout "boobs" in a public place. Like church.)

Ethan is doing VERY well, he was already up to 8 lbs 9 oz by his 2-week appointment, so he's gaining weight at an atrociously fast pace (in my opinion).  Sleeping in 2-3 hour stretches but now with 2 distrinct awake periods per day. Don't worry, this info is for me more than you because I've been terrible at journaling, so I'm jotting it down while I'm here on blogger. He actually has a very calm demeanor (again, I was so wrong!) and seems to like looking at faces.  At least, when he's fussing alone it calms him down to suddenly have three giant melons in front of his face, cooing "it's okay, baby Eeth, I'm here!" and patting him incessantly.  Funny thing is, I mentioned how Ethan and I are buddies and he calms down when I hold him and talk to him (versus poor grandma) but he ALSO seems to know Patrick.  I told Patrick to talk to him in my belly, and apparantly it worked!  Ethan doesn't react to the other kids' voices, but he turns toward Patrick when he talks to him.  Soon enough, this new buddy will join the bicycle gang out front :)