Saturday, August 18, 2012

Let it Be

A long, long time ago I made a quilt from all my extra high school shirts - you know, the ones you say "I'll keep that because it would make a good pajama shirt" and then before long you have 12,000 shirts to wear to bed but none for public use? Yep, THOSE shirts, plus some old jeans.  The quilt has served me well over the year, it turns out t-shirts and jean scraps wear just as well in a blanket as they do on your body.  Currently the blanket is doing time on Patrick's bed since we'd left his blanket in Thornton with the furniture we staged.  One day he was taking a look at all the weirdo t-shirts I have sewed in there and noticed one: 

He said "Hey, I know who that is!"
Me: "who WHO is?"
Patrick: "The one in the (right-hand) corner - it's Sirius Black!"
Me: ....die laughing.....

Two very different generations there. Some day I'll tell him the Beatles are even COOLER than Harry Potter. For now, it's kinda funny to think of Sirius Black, escaped from Azkaban, singing "Let it Be."

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Eric and Amy said...

Ha ha ha that's awesomely hilarious!