Thursday, August 2, 2012


Elsha's been writing such cute li'l tidbits about her kids lately, and I have not. This makes me feel a little "why can't you be more like your older sister?" since I laugh at 100 things a day and write down 0, which I know I will regret as my mind fails me more by the day. So here are a few, a very sparse showing, of my kids' tidbits:

Eli has been staying up later and going to bed at the same time as Patrick so he's gotten "in" on our nightly ritual of singing and saying prayers.  Last week he started requesting "All Froo a Nigh" - looks like we have TWO converts to that bedtime lullaby that I was never sung!  Now he sings along, and is quite good - except he doesn't pause during the rests, he just keeps on singing and we have to catch up.  He also knows all the words to "I am a child of God," but he flatly refuses to say the prayer.  When avoiding something (like saying the prayer) he rubs his fists in his eyes for as long as the attention is on him, like "you want me to...what? wait, oh, I'm busy, gotta rub these eyes...rubrubrub.... stiiiiill busy...... rubrubrub....are you still there?" and if we're still watching him, he goes back to rubbing.  What a weirdo.

Caroline repeats LOTS of words now so I like to ask her questions; "are you short or tall?" and she can repeat a word for her answer, even if she didn't know the word to begin with.  Of course, she often gets them wrong and is "old" and "sleepy" and "a boy," but it's WAY fun to hear her answer.  It also comes in handy when she's starting to get frustrated with something, it'll distract her away from a temper tantrum every time!

Patrick's great and has become an old pro at introducing himself and making new friends and now it's almost embarassing!  He instroduces himself to kids at the park, their parents, old ladies at the grocery store, other families at restaurants... but you have to give the kid credit!  He's got gumption. He's also become a SERIOUS hugger - he wants to give you a big, tight bear hug every time you leave, and he just holds you for a long time.  It's very sweet :)  He's also got mad art skills, I scanned a few more in for your viewing pleasure.

A picture of our family driving in the car, apparantly at night - we've got stars, the moon, and my headlights are on.  Yes, that's my headlights, don't make fun of what it could be like Joe did.

Patrick watches Netflix while Eli and Caroline (and usually I) nap in the afternoon, and he's currently obsessed with Godzilla.  So one afternoon he drew Godzilla.
I was knew what it was exactly when I saw it, probably because I understood the context, so here's what the beginning of his show looks like so YOU get the context.  
And he did it from memory. We'll be starting art lessons ASAP.


Elsha said...

Dude, that kid has some serious art skills! I'm over here all impressed with Kalena because she now puts feet on her stick figures. Nothing even close to Patrick!

Kari and Jonathan said...

He's going to have to start helping me scrapbook! The other day he looked at my chalk drawing of a bird and said, "who drew that?? And why doesn't it have wings?" and promptly got out the chalk and added a wing. I told him he made me feel stupid. :) But really, he's a better drawer than me.