Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good news!

Good news time!

1. We are well on our way to getting moved in to the new house!  We have ripped out all the carpets, cleaned and sealed out the multiple pet stains, ordered new carpet, and it's being installed next week. We have scraped all the ceilings, textured them, and painted them. We have painted 80% of the house, including all the trim, and this weekend I'll be finishing the edges in the mostly-finished rooms.  We picked out colors for the entire house in one fell swoop which was GREAT - the colors all flow and coordinate and can play in accents from room-to-room and, by gosh, they are COLORFUL.  From day 1 we painted the last house with the intention of selling it; this house we are painting with the intention of LOVING it!  It's so fun to walk into each room and be so excited about what we picked, and I can't wait to post pictures of what we ended up with :)  Of course, this means there are 1,000 things to do to complete the house - assemble and space plan furniture, coordinate bedding, make curtains, organize closets, figure out art, and... and.... and....  BUT STILL.

2. I found a doctor! In Pueblo! Who does VBACs! Turns out this was more of a major miracle than I even imagined, as there are a whopping NINE OB/GYN's in Pueblo.  Hmmmm, 100,000 people in Pueblo, so roughly 50,000 women, of which probably 30,000 are of the age to necessitate an OB.... and NINE OBs to serve them.  That's only about 3,500 patients per doctor! And only half of those 9 will do vaginal births after cesarians. No WONDER it's been such a fiasco... but the good news is I got one of those few and am set to deliver at Parkview medical center and NOT on the side of the road on my way to Colorado Springs!  Hooray!

3. Joe's job continues to be awesome.  No updates, it's just AWESOME that we get to be together so often. While taping off some trim so Joe could spray with our fantastic new paint sprayer I had a vision of what this WOULD have been like if he was still working construction... it involved an incredibly pregnant me, alone, using a paint roller to do the entire house while the kids literally drove me insane... and then we've have a half-painted house with an insane woman who lived there and a husband who was never home. I like THIS situation MUCH better :)

4. I have the best sister in the WORLD.  You think yours might be better? You're wrong. Sorry.  Kari has watched the kids for us so many times so we could work on the house (the more work we get done the sooner we live even closer to her!) and has opened up the beds in her house so they can take naps during the day while Joe and I continue to work, rather than me dragging them across town to nap while I sit on my incredibly pregnant butt and wait for them to wake up. She says it's no hassle and they're family so they're practically hers, but I happen to know the secret that everyone else's kids are more annoying than your own, so it's a bigger favor than she'll ever let on to.  

5. In the spirit of that secret, I have the TWO best sisters in the WORLD.  You think yours might be better? You're wrong. Sorry.  Elsha has taken in Patrick for an entire week and I happen to know that since he's not her kids he "obviously" has some super-annoying habits that her own children do not have ("thankfully!" she's sighing), but that she'll put up with because she's so awesome. Brian, too.  My parents, too!  Many people to thank for his care. It has made the work this week so much better as Patrick can be....well.... annoying when we need to get things done, like any 4-year-old can be. So having 2 kids instead of 3 (and often having none thanks to Kari) has made this entire project possible. At all.

And that's the good news!


Rachel said...

Yay for sister! And a house! And a doctor! I'm so excited that your situation is so good right now. Seriously, so happy for you.

Rachel said...


Kari and Jonathan said...

Your sisters ARE awesome. And since your kids are practically mine I don't feel bad beating them :) can't wait til we get to hang out at your new house every day! Yay!

Eric and Amy said...

Yay for sisters who help you get projects done, and yes we need pictures of the paint colors!