Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We are WELL! Hooray!

Seems like it took the entire month to get better, but the kids' colds lifted on Saturday and we've managed to hang on to health for a whole 5 days now! Except for Caroline, who got the cough later than the boys, but it hardly bothers her and she sleeps all day anyway, so I don't even notice. ANYWAY. We had doctors appointments today for Patrick and Caroline, shots included, and it was the least screaming I've ever heard! Caroline cried, but didn't scream, and Patrick hardly had time to whimper before the shot was done and he could proudly proclaim "I was so very brave!"

All in all, I have very average kids. They both fell in the 50-60th percentile on everything. Of course, they're not average to me, they just happen to be my whole WORLD, and I've been taking lots of pictures and videos lately. I can't get enough of Patrick theses days, so they're mostly of him - he's so fun to watch and listen to! I try to sneak and listen in on his playtime whenever I can, he can go for DAYS with his own dinosaur dialogue. I know kids go through phases of obsession, and I though by now dinosaurs would pass, but he's still completely in love with 'em.

I think he wants to be one. He was bothering other kids in nursery by roaring at them like a dinosaur and Sister Frank explained to the kids that "sometimes Patrick likes to act like a dinosaur," and Patrick corrected her: "I ALWAYS want to act like a dinosaur!"

We found these lined up like a little dinosaur army at his command. Too bad the commander was passed out!
Here he was narrating his own little dinosaur world. The camera's shaky because I was trying to be sneaky and non-chalant.


Kari and Jonathan said...

Hahahaha I love the one of all the dinos lined up. What a funny little man. Glad to hear everyones feeling great! Let's see if it stays that way after one Sunday at church, lol.

Elsha said...

I love the sleeping dinosaur on the dinosaur sheets!

Kathy said...

He is the cutest little dinosaur ever.