Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Clean Sweep

Eli, well... he's not your typical male. Eli really likes to clean. If I get out the broom to sweep up a little spilled cereal, he wants to sweep the whole kitchen. If I get out the vaccum, we'd better be vacuuming top to bottom, stairs included. I sure do love my Dyson, but top to bottom? Every day, just because I opened the closet where the vacuum is stored with the coats that we still need? (Thanks for nothing, late March- the only reason you're going out like a lamb is because you were both covered with a fluff of white! SNOW!) No, thank you. I started giving Eli the Dust Buster so he could complete his own vacuuming projects and I could enjoy sitting on my rear watching (and taking photos). Unfortunately, his favorite thing to Bust is the coffee table, which needs picking up, yes, a nice polish of glass cleaner and furniture wax, yes, but vacuuming? Not so much. Still, can't blame a guy for trying.

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