Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordy, pictureless updates

We've been having tons of fun avoiding responsibilities and hanging out with family lately, so I fully intended to go in-depth about all the fun, but then I didn't take any pictures of ANYTHING, and no pictures = no fun (to read). Lately I've just ignoring the rest of my life ENTIRELY in favor of sitting on my couch and reading Sacajawewa, a highly engrossing and very lengthy book about (you guessed it) the life of Sacajawea, written in historical fiction. Though unfinished, I highly recommend it, I think 700 pages already read can qualify me for giving a recommendation, don't you? So that's us, I'm actually just here checking my own blog to try to remember a few firsts of Eli's as I'm filling in some blanks in his baby book. Whoops!

I also forgot to update on Joe's car: It was NOT totaled, so we just payed our deductible and they fixed it. It was only cosmetic damage, and now the car looks better than ever! Seriously! The bad news, of course, is that we still have to pay the ticket and we don't even want to know the damage to our insurance payments. We'll definitely keep you in the dark on how that turns out, and just cry silently to ourselves.

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