Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I noticed while filling in Eli's baby book that what I always suspected is statistically verifiable - he's long and lean! Sometimes people comment that he's chunky, but I've noted he's just average - average height and weight, so he's certainly no "chunk" by any standards. Well, I lied, he's not average - he's in the 90th% for height! Only the 40th% for weight; long and lean. No more "chunk" comments for him :)

Yesterday was tough with Patrick - lots of tantrums (from everyone, including we "adults"), two poop accidents (one at the zoo and one on his bed at home), and a long day of gradually thinning patience from me, so when I'd had enough I put Patrick to bed early. As I tucked him in without a bedtime story, he gave me a kiss and said, "wuv you, mam." It was the first time he's EVER told me he loves me (usually when I say "I love you" he says "yah"), so it was bittersweet. Maybe it was a reminder for me to be patient with him, maybe he just hadn't thought we'd had a bad day (we DID go to the zoo and use our yard blowers, after all), but whatever the reason it was very sweet, if not also a bit heart-wrenching. Being a parent is SO TOUGH sometimes, and sometimes I feel I'm failing even as I'm working so hard not to, so his declaration brought some hope that even if I lose the battle, I'm still winning the war.

Speaking of winning the war, Patrick has suddenly become very polite! I try to remember to have him ask "please" when he wants something, but I rarely, if ever, require "thank you," (though I say it myself). Last week, then, out of the blue, he began saying "thank you" for everything I did! Getting him juice, making him lunch, popping in a movie, tucking him in, and today for wiping his bum after he pooped. In fact, he said "Fank you! Good job wipe, mam." Well, happy to know I can be of service :)


Kari and Jonathan said...

I think I love your boys as much as I love Amelia. I just LOVE reading about them! Can't wait to see them soon!

hibiscusgirl said...

I love kids with manners! very important. I also love that feeling of when they do something you taught them on your own. we're stricklers & require both please & thank you. last night Max woke at midnight & downed a cup of water then said "thank you dad". Cam & I looked at each other & smiled. while the 2's are so emotional & tough sometimes, they are so sweet. hope you are writing what he says down in a book - or I guess this counts right?!! (<:

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

little ones are so in tune. I think Patrick new that you needed to hear that you were loved at that moment. sweet.