Thursday, July 15, 2010


Anyone with kids knows that little helpers sometimes make the jobs a little longer. Vaccuming is quite the process around our house because Patrick wants to help, and Eli wants to chase the vaccum. I just try to view it as play time rather than chores because hey, both kids are having fun and cleaning happens to be a bi-product of that fun, and that attitude is a LOT less stressful for me as we take our 20+ minutes to do the family room.


Jeanette said...

I want a Dyson! I think that would make my chores more fun. :)

hibiscusgirl said...

that's funny! Max is afraid of loud noises (lawn mowers, vacuums, washing machine). I have to do laundry when he's asleep or we're out of the house cuz he freaks out - it's an asko & spins at 1600 RPMs and sounds like an airplane!

Kari and Jonathan said...

That is funny, but I can totally see how you'd just want to be like, "Just let me do it!!"