Friday, March 5, 2010

Cry baby

Eli rarely cries (with the exception of the 2 days he was terribly sick), so when he DOES cry it's fun (instead of frustrating) to watch. He gets the greatest pouty lip, so Joe purposely tries to scare him or annoy him to coax the lip to its full pout. And what do I do? Get the camera, of course!

I just love how their little faces get all tight!


Elsha said...

I want a picture of Will's pouty lip. It's just like Kalena's! They both stick them out so far, I don't even know how they manage.

Eric & Amy said...

Oh man, that is a funny mad face!!Is it cruel to say that?! I was seriously laughing outloud at those pictures... Sorry Eli~ I don't blame your dad for coaxing it outta ya or your mom for getting the camera.

Kari and Jonathan said...

That is the saddest, but the cutest too.