Monday, January 23, 2017

Mall Madness

I made up a game of Mall Bingo last week, as we needed to get out of the house (but not into the downpour outside). I looked at a few ideas online, but most of the things they listed were mean-spirited, like "someone wearing sausage-casing for pants" or "visible buttcrack." Yeah, you probably COOULD spot all those at the mall, but I wouldn't want my kids LOOKING for them - there are so many good things to see! So I kept my board pretty simple, a mixture of types of stores, things you find inside the store, and people you see shopping. My most mean-spirited was "kid missing some clothes," which could include shoes, which they saw at the indoor play place because that's the rule. As a bonus, I added seeing someone being kind to a stranger, because THAT is worth keeping an eye out for ;)

As you can see, this is very homemade, but it was fun! So I scanned a few extra copies and we can do it again another rainy day.

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