Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Birthday Derbies

The Pinewood Derby happened to be on Patrick's 9th birthday (today)! We prepped for weeks, I even bought and axle-setting kit and weights, then polished the axles because last year his poor car was abysmally slow... He was embarassed, and I didn't want that to happen again! And it didn't happen, but his car wasn't terribly fast, either, as it ended up still being quite underweight (turns out I should have bought a digital scale, too!). ButHe aberaged about 3rd place each heat instead of dead last, a la 2016. But it WAS super-cute, and I think that counts for something! If nothing else, it caught the corner of my eye more than once and got me all excited that there was a snickers bar, only to be let down that there was a painted hunk of wood taunting me. 
After the derby they had cake (which I also counted as birthday cake, therefore having zero calories, which is the real beauty of 'birthday cake' vs 'regular cake') and they handed out these adorable certificates! Adorable because they already had the picture printed! If you save me some legwork, you are ADORABLE.

A few weeks ago I began a conversational journal with Patrick (I also have one with Eli), so I wrote him a birthday note and left it under his pillow. I thought his response back was adorable:
"Thanks for thinking of me" - I died! And my heart melted that my note perked up a bad day (their class changed desks again, 3rd time in 3 weeks, he was very disgruntled). If we can keep up these notes I think I'll really have a fun time with it :) Boys can be reticent and girls can be moody, but it's often helpful to write things down; this will probably be as helpful for me (if not more so) than it is for them! 

Anywho, happy birthday to Patrick! 

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