Sunday, February 28, 2016

Silly little things

Awwww, KIDS... they make us laugh, which makes me write blog posts.

Joe went to the gym early one morning, and when he got home the kids were at the table for breakfast.  He sat next to Caroline and they began that game where you set your hand on the table, the next person slaps theirs down on top, you slap your hand on top, they slap theirs, and you're trying to make your hand be king of Hand Mountain. Anyway, Caroline won the round of King of Hand Mountain, and smugly said to Joe, "You must not have worked out your arms today."

Ethan got up much earlier than the other kids and came down to play with toys. I was already downstairs to scrapbook, and all was quiet... until he farted LOUDLY. I said coyly, "Ethan, did you fart?" He replied, "no, I not fart. Caroline farted." Laughing, I told him, "Caroline is asleep, I think it was you." He matter-of-factly said, "Caroline farted in her bed." He is SO sneaky.

Speaking of sneaky farts, I was holding Ethan on my lap during sacrament meeting on Sunday (I become a human dog-pile during sacrament, it's really sweetly obnoxious, as Joe sits in his corner, untouched), and for that moment everyone was perfectly still. It was a short moment, as Ethan turned to me and announced from out of nowhere, "I didn't fart." Ummmm.... ok, not sure why you would tell me you didn't..... and then the stink cloud hit me. SURE you didn't fart, you little sneakster!

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