Saturday, February 6, 2016

dancing queen

Caroline got dance classes for christmas, and she has a of of fun, but I think I have more fun watching her! It brings back so many memories of dance classes with my sisters when we were little. The stretching, imaginary play, positions of the band's and feet, leaping over a stream at the end, it's all the same! The main difference is we danced to a real piano player and they have a CD (which didn't exist when I was Carolina's age, WEIRD).

Typical Jacobs, taller than everyone.
The dance dress code is a pink leotard and pink ballet shoes with black leggings. We have this ensenble, but we also have gymnastics leotards and (more importantly) Caroline has her own sense of style - never mind that she is The Only One wearing something different, it is what she wants to wear and she loves it! Caroline to a tee. 

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