Monday, April 20, 2015

Been a while

Sadly, although I often skip posting to blog because I write things down in my journal and like to avoid redundancy, I have lost my journal! My 5-year journal that I was 2-1/4 years into!

I am guessing I lost it somewhere in my house, but that doesn't take away the fact that it is missing and A) may be actually be lost forever (it wouldn't be the first thing to completely disappear, yet magically never leave my house), and B) leaves me with no journal to write in until I find the lost journal, or break down and buy a new one. I don't like either of those options, they require either a full-scale cleaning and decluttering of my home, or else that I purchase a new one when I have very recently repurposed (and thus used up) TWO journals thinking I would not need them since hey! I have my handy-dandy 5-year journal!

So if you see a small blue pocket-book sized 5-year journal laying in a gutter near you, check the inside cover. If it is mine, I have handily written my name and address and it is on your conscience if you don't give it back.

Meanwhile, here are some kid tidbits:

Caroline was listening to music in the car while we were running errands and as an 80's classic that she has never heard came on she sank into her seat, sighed contentedly, and pronounced, "I LOVE this song!"

Ethan enjoys pickles, which is great, but he often asks for them at odd hours and is stubborn about it. Like wanting a pickle before breakfast. But anyway, I was going to serve cucumber slices with dinner so I brought the cucumber to the table and Ethan declared, "Oh no! It's a BIG pickle!"

After long baths, when fingers and toes have turned into prunes, Ethan does not enjoy the sensation of the wrinkles (gotta say I'm with him on that one). He calls it "shrinky" and shows anyone and everyone that "my hands are shrinky!" One day, for no apparent reason, he started getting upset, saying "my hands are shrinky! my hands are shrinky!" After a minute he stopped running around, held out his hands for inspection and sighed, "no. My hands not shrinky." Phew! Dodged THAT bullet, Ethan!

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Elsha said...

I'm laughing out loud at Ethan.