Saturday, April 26, 2014

Slimer, Take 2

It was about this time last year that we tried making homemade slime, and it was MEMORABLY bad. I still had an entire bottle of Sta-Flo starch though, which I will NEVER use to actually starch a shirt, so I figured we'd give it another go. It went SO SMOOTHLY this time! We tried dumping the glue first and THEN adding starch, which worked much better - the original consistency was rope-y like pumpkin guts but as the kids played it got really stretchy and gooey and PERFECT. They grabbed toys PRIOR to getting down to the business of play, so there was much less yelling on my part.
Oh, yeah - Caroline pretty much only wears a swimsuit these days. Don't be surprised in future posts.
You can practically HEAR the sound effects!
 Caroline explaining how long her slime-snake is

Eli's version of "cheese!"
Patrick's work of art - a slime-encased velociraptor.
The goo has been holding up well kept in a Tupperware, the kids have played with it 3 straight days, so definitely worth the effort! In case I ever want to do it again, and for anyone interested, the recipe is:

 2 bottles of CLEAR glue (roughly 1-1/2 cups, or 10 ounces) and 1-1/2 cups liquid starch.

I'd say easy peasy, but never underestimate the power of a CraftFail ;)

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