Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Bold and the Beautiful: Part 5 (FINALLY!)

Not "FINALLY!" as in we're finally done, because we're NOT. But finally posting about it because making progress is... well, progress.  Here are the updates:

-We grouted the tile
Ah-Mazing! Tile always looks good then you put it up, then GREAT when you grout it. I was SO PLEASED with how the shower basin and wall tile turned out.

-We finished the drywall, including texture
Nice new can light, too!

-We installed fixtures
The can light as well as that glamorous beaut above the glamorous round mirror.
We're very excited about the ceiling-mounted rain shower! Can't really try it out until we buy the shower curtain system, but we HAVE turned it on just to see, and it looks really cool!

About the light fixture: it takes G9 bulbs, which are about the weirdest thing I've ever seen. They're so small, seriously the size of my fingertip! I hope they never burn out because I can hardly imagine going shopping for them and coming home successfully. Just can't imagine it.
-We painted!
Aspen Gray on the walls, Possibilities on the ceiling (both Lowe's colors). Often picking paint involves hours (or days) of indecision over paint chips, 3 paint samples slapped on various walls to check the shade in various lighting, picking the one that's OBVIOUSLY perfect, then tearing your hair out when you paint the entire room and it is obviously NOT perfect, and starting over again. For once in our project-filled marriage, though, that was NOT the case - we picked out our favorite colors in 10 minutes and never looked back, we just bought 2 gallons and slapped them up and they are PERFECT. If you're looking for a warm gray that matches stone but doesn't clash with beige (the adjacent walls are beige), head to Lowe's and get Aspen Gray. You'll thank me. You're welcome.

I'm stenciling and accent wall in the laundry room

and painting the cabinets white and re-arranging their locations.

The door in the bathroom got a coat of Aspen Gray as well, to help it blend into the background.

 So there you have it! Our glorious bathroom, as it stands for the moment. No sink, no toilet, and an as-yet-unusable shower, but it WILL BE a glorious bathroom!

Just give us another 6 months ;)

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