Thursday, February 20, 2014

I am floored

I have an obnoxious habit of titling my posts with puns, don't I?

Of course this is not about me being surprised, it's about a NEW FLOOR! In the all-new bathroom, of course. Here's the progress:

Cabinets finished with 3 coats of white paint (outside AND inside, plus cute contact paper) and re-hung in this configuration. You don't care? Well, WE LOVE IT! So kiss my cabinets. It allows us to see around the corner of the wall, lets the light through the laundry room from the bathroom and family room, and gives us some extra space for some artwork and a drying line.
 The accent wall is coming along!

Ahhhh, the floor! You'll never actually see this corner since my washer will be on it, but it's just so gorgeous...

It's Allure resilient vinyl plank flooring in "Ironwood" - it comes in long planks like wood or laminate flooring, but is flexible like vinyl. So awesome! Inexpensive, to, about $2/sq foot.

At the far lower right of the picture below, right in front of the water heater closet, the floor takes a major dip in order to get an angle to the drain (for the water heater), so it would have made tile or regular laminate flooring nearly impossible to lay there without cutting them to bits to try to match the angle. This floor took the contour BEAUTIFULLY - no gap in the design, no gap under the flooring, no trouble at all.

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