Friday, September 13, 2013


Patrick started school on August 26th and I experienced a HUGE parenting fail and didn't take any pictures! When we dropped him off I had forgotten the camera at home, when we picked him up my camera didn't have its SD card... well, whoops. So on Back-to-school night it so happened that he wore exactly what he'd worn on the first day and I took advantage and got a few snap. One, outside his school, the second at his table holding some of his work from the week. 
More recently, Eli and Caroline started preschool! I've done Joy School, a home preschool, with Patrick and Eli for the last 2 years, and this year we're continuing a home preschool group, but using the Mother Goose curriculum. We loved Joy school, the songs and stories and purpose to help children love learning, we just got tired of printing out our lessons :) Here are the kiddos, so proud in their backpacks! We actually bought the backpacks a long time ago so they could pack toys for long trips, but this works too.

 This is our preschool group, plus Ethan. He walks, but he's not quite ready for school yet :)

Caroline is excited for school anyway, but the real reason I HAD to put her in preschool is because I would never hear the end of it if her best friends, Eli and her cousin Amelia, were at school without her!


Elsha said...

And now I'm dead because Caroline and Amelia are both wearing hand-me-downs from Kalena in these pictures and all I can think is: she used to be so LITTLE!!

Tante Sherrye said...

I just love the smell of Kindergarten /Grade Schools. Call me kooky, but that mix of paper, paste and underlying milk just makes my heart go soft. I even loved it as a how dorky am I?
Glad they're so excited to be going :-)

Kari and Jonathan said...

That picture of Patrick just warms my heart. My sweet little boy is all grown up, lol. I mean, I live right here and see him every day, but that picture really got to me!