Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's the thought

Patrick gave the perfect example of "it's the thought that counts" today.  The three younger kids were napping at the same time (just shy of a miracle) and I was reading a new novel, Dragon Riders, to Patrick.  Getting drowsier by the minute, I finally had to quit and asked Patrick to play quietly while I caught a quick rest. He happily obliged since we have a fresh batch of play-doh and bought a new coloring book yesterday, and I zonked out within seconds. Snuggled in on the couch, I woke up to a small crash from the kitchen, but fell back asleep when Patrick said it was fine (definitely nothing broke during the crash, so whatever it was could be cleaned up later anyway). I was woken up a few minutes later to a much bigger crash from the kitchen and drowsily croaked, "C'mon, Patrick, REALLY?"  He came over very upset because the big crash was a full glass of chocolate milk that he had made me, complete with 3 marshmallows! I was very glad I hadn't yelled at him!
Me: "Why did the milk spill? Weren't you holding on to it?"
Patrick: "It spilled because it was on a plate (sob!)"
Me: "Well, next time hold on with two hands, don't put it on a plate."
Patrick (wiping tears): "But it's okay, mom (stifle sob) because the sandwich is still good!"
Patrick had thought I might be hungry so he made me a surprise snack of a Nutella-and-jelly sandwich with a glass of chocolate milk and marshmallows, which I could eat when I woke up! The reality is that marshmallows are gross, I was so out of milk he was using the last of the gallon I had borrowed from Kari (and then spilled on the floor anyway), Nutella is better without jelly, and I would rather enjoy my nap than wake up to eat ANYTHING....

... but SERIOUSLY, it is the thought that counts. That was SO THOUGHTFUL! All I could do was hug him so hard he couldn't really breathe. Then Caroline woke up from her nap and ate the sandwich and all was right in the world.

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Kari and Jonathan said...

Patrick is a better husband than joe! Bwahahaha, I just cracked myself up.