Thursday, July 18, 2013

Son of Genius

Patrick is at it again, and made a book during some spare time. This time it's "theiliisardswirdritinbipatrickjacobs"
Add spaces, like so:
"thei liisards wird ritin bi Patrick Jacobs"
Adjust phonetically, and you figure out the book is titled
 "The Lizard's World, Written by Patrick Jacobs"
Unfortunately he did the first page in pencil so it's really hard to see in the picture, but the paper is 11x14 so it's too large for me to scan. Then, of course, blogger is turning the picture sideways even though I didn't take it that way, so the poor cover is having all KINDS of trouble. I guess you'll just have to take my word for the first page.

adjusted: liisirs or similar tioo snaks
translation: Lizards are similar to snakes

adjusted: sim liisirds kian evin kil snaks
translation: Some lizards can even kill snakes

adjusted: thei kimiodo liagon is win iv the miost firsist liisds as soon as the lsrd bits t nix da thn it dis
translation (you'll need it!): The Komodo dragon is one of the most fiercest lizards. As soon as the lizard bites the next day then it dies.

adjusted: Diniswrs or big lisrs
translations: Dinosaurs are big lizards
Unfortunately, this isn't true.

adjusted: htei skiid iv lisrd can sispris its tibs awt too gid
translation: This kind of lizard can spread its ribs out to glide
This was on an episode of "Wild Kratts," from PBS Kids, that the boys watched. They LOVE this show.

krokadilsortlisds theirwityookalanfibewins
adjusted: krokadils ort lisds their wit yoo kal anfibewins
translation: Crocodiles aren't lizards, they're what you call amphibians

translation: Lizards began
He decided that was all he wanted to write about lizards, though, so he abandoned this page and called it "THE END."

I love it!


Rachel said...

Treasures. Hold on to those!

Tante Sherrye said...

Love it! I find it interesting that "Patrick-language" falls somewhere between english, german, and danish...xoxo

Kari and Jonathan said...

let's just call him The Next Great American Novelist.

Elsha said...

This kid man.