Monday, July 15, 2013


Kari was over with her kids today but took a quick break to go grocery shopping. While she was gone we busted out bikes, but then I had too many kids, not enough bikes... so what about the bike trailer? I needed to stay with the babies (Kari's and mine) in the yard, and I had the GENIUS idea to make it a trailer on the tricycle. I loved it, the kids in the trailer loved it, and each of the kids thrilled to be the hero biking the other kids around.
Gotta love the outfit - inside-out & backwards pajama pants, Tony Hawk t-shirt, neon yellow goggles. Eli has his own sense of style.

Patrick also wore pajamas. We were just staying home playing, he was usually off by himself, so by the time I realized it was really too late to make him get dressed. Not that I need to justify myself to you, I hope if you're reading my blog you think, "yep, that's about right."