Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More kid-isms

Patrick gives me material every day, I swear...

I'm engrossed in a new book again ("A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness), which means I'm not sleeping again because I'm being an idiot staying up too late, AGAIN.  And whether or not I stay up late or too late (there's a fine line there) I always love a nap. I can't understand kids who don't want to nap! Like Patrick! So I asked him, "How come you never want to nap?" He replied, "I'm just not that kind of a guy." 

Patrick's very into flags right now, like the American flag is a topic of daily conversation. Odd, but true. Over the weekend we were downtown for the Wild West Fest, which was less "wild" and more "street vendor explosion." The street we were one is lined with flags and Patrick was excitedly pointing out (I am not making this up or augmenting the story, this kid is excited about flags) the flag of Colorado, a flag that says "Pueblo," and the American flag. If you have kids you know it's a little awkward to be surrounded by people (street vendors in our case) while your mini-me is yakking up a storm, but you're maybe hesitant to quell their enthusiasm, especially about a good subject... So among all the vendors and flag talk Patrick stated loudly and emphatically, "Mom, we are so lucky." As in, to live in the United States of America. Tears sprung to my overly-emotional eyes! Normally he's a good listener so I like to delve into the finer points of things (this could be a reason why a single flag can create days worth of conversations), but I chucked aside all the finer points of news (IRS) and politics (gun control) and scandals (Benghazi) of the day and nodded emphatically back because yep, we ARE lucky. *awww, shoulder punch*

Getting up and ready one day he took an unusually long time in his room, and coming down the stairs when he was done he announced, "I got myself dressed and put my pjs in the laundry and made my bed so you could take life easy today." Well THANK GOODNESS, and I will take you up on that!

While Patrick and I were playing trouble I was smokin' him, had 3 guys out on the board and all his guys were still stuck at home, and he said "awww, the wrong person keeps getting all the footprints!" (the side of the dice you need to get out of home).  Ummm, there are only two people here, so I'm assuming you mean I am the wrong person?!  Nice, jerk.

Eli provides me with much less material because he doesn't really want to be around me. Or Joe. Or Caroline or Ethan. He likes his alone time, although Patrick can be included in "alone" as well. If Eli's playing alone and I come through the room he immediately stops playing and asks, "Mom, can you go out?" Yep! Sorry bud, just had to walk through this room to get the dirty laundry to the washer, SO SORRY to interrupt. Anyway. We had friends over for dinner the other night and they had two girls, one of whom is 9 months old and a CHUNK. Sweet, adorable, off-the-weight-charts-CHUNK. She does a good impression of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man! She's so cute! But Eli for some reason didn't mind her being downstairs as he had his alone time, he actually embraced a new buddy, and after entertaining her for quite some time he came and announced to out friend that he was "being nice to the fat baby!"  GREAT! Only usually when we're being *nice* we don't call out fat to people's faces.
Stay Puft, Mashmallow Man!


Elsha said...

Okay, I loved A Discovery of Witches, so you have to tell me what you think! (Also, I have the next in the series, but I haven't read it yet.)

Kari was just telling me about Eli always wanting to be alone. Crazy kid :)

Kari and Jonathan said...

Somebody ought to tell Eli that when you're the middle of 4 children you forfeit alone time by default. :)

Patrick's comments will never get old.

Andrea said...

I love reading about your kids! So cute and funny and honest.
If we lived closer to each other we would totally be taking our funny kids with us to play a hard-core game of racquetball or something ;)