Saturday, May 4, 2013

Busy-ness as Usual

I haven't posted for much longer than I intended because all my post topics have been languishing in my head! So instead of dedicating entire posts to each, I'll just lump 'em all together in one big lump. Some are more or less important, but they're all part of my day to day, so it's all busy-ness, as usual.

1. Working on the kitchen. Joe put in new countertops, our new sink (with new garbage disposal), and new faucet. I absolutely LOVE it all - the countertops make the painted cabinets look better!

The sink is SUPER deep and make the kitchen look better because the pots and pans disappear into it, and ALSO I am very motivated to keep it clean because it looks so dang awesome. I'm still a slacker at heart, but now I actually wash dishes every single day, which is ENORMOUS for me, who used to wash them about once a week. The funny thing about the sinks, though, is it's so deep you can't stand normally and do dishes - you either have to hunch over, which hurts my back, or spread your stance and stand like a giraffe getting a drink. Here's me doing dishes.

2. Putting in a sandbox.
 We had a fantastic sandbox at our house in Thornton and the kids played in it for hours each day. Although it caused trouble, too, like sand in the house and getting grit in the sliding door tracks so they couldn't slide, I deemed the hours spend worth the trouble. Joe agreed enough to allow us to reconstruct a Giant Sandbox in our backyard here. We picked an un-used little section where the grass was dead from lack of sunlight, so hopefully the shade will make it more fun in the summertime when sandboxes can become unbearably hot and boring.

3. Cooking cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron. We used Kroger brand (they don't rise like Pillsbury, which is a good thing in this case), just pop them on a hot iron and cook 5 minutes. We couldn't stop stuffing our faces!

4. Baking up pinterest-ed chocolate chip cream cheese cookies (secretly made by rolling up cream cheese, sugar, and chocolate chips in crescent roll dough - weird!), which turned out quite delicious.

4. Monitoring my heart.
This is unusual and was definitely going to get its own post, but the event is over so there's not actually much to write about until (and unless) there is more news. What happened was that I was having unusual and uncomfortable heart palpitations, happening anywhere from 5 to 25 times a day, every day, for about 3 weeks. Not a little fluttering in my chest, but like a "ker-THUNK," out of sync with my regular heartbeat. I initially ignored it since everything I've ever googled about heart arrhythmia said it's 99% likely to be benign, but one night my heart was going NUTS so I quick got myself a Doctor's appointment, and they quick got me an EKG (came out normal), some blood tests (haven't heard results yet), and fit me with a Holter monitor for 24 hours.  This visual is obviously not me, though I do have a somewhat mannishly flat chest.  Like I said, there's no news, so there's actually not much to write about, other than that it was an interesting experience and I was just happy to have somewhere to report when I had a palpitation, like, "see! I'm NOT insane!"

As soon as there is anything more exciting to post, or as soon as I quit slackin', I'll be sure to keep you updated. We'll see which comes first :)

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Jeanette said...

LOVE the giraffe visual!! I totally get it. Also I have been having heart palipatations too!! I'm still in the ignoring phase too, but maybe your experience will help me along. Hope everything is okay! Keep us posted.