Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Well, it's all my fault

I checked online yesterday to set up a picture sitting for my kids.  Nothing holiday, just yearly updates I could send with our christmas card.  I made the appointment with JCPenney, where we always get them done, and made the appointment yesterday because they sent me a reminder email.  I simply called the number on the email and we were all set for 11:00 at the Orchards.  Or so I thought.

For once in my life my kids were bathed, well fed, rested, nicely dressed, and ON TIME - all at once!  We can be one or two of those, but not everything together.  On time in our pajamas.  Well-dressed but 20 minutes late.  Fed but naked. So when we showed up at 11:00 on the DOT I was dismayed that there was a huge LINE at the studio.  The one time we're punctual!  So we sit, and sit, and sit.... and at 11:45 the person gets my name, assuming we're next, and we're NOT SCHEDULED!  Suddenly I'm second-guessing myself; I definitely made an appointment for 11:00 today, but is this place not called the Orchards?  No, it IS the Orchards, so who the heck did I call?  We always get our pictures here, surely it was they who sent me the email.  Well, too late now, we're up next even if we weren't scheduled here, so we finally get our pictures taken about 12:15.  My kids had completely lost their charm by then, only Patrick sat still and smiled, so we got what we could, which was seriously not much, and they gave us a couple free sheets for our troubles.  We only spent $20 and I'm happy with the ones of the boys, but Carolines are... pretty awful.  Awful enough that I'm considering making ANOTHER appointment for her alone to TRY AGAIN.  The sorry part is, that means no cute ones of all the kids together.  Maybe I could reschule for evening so Joe could make it? Would it even be worth it? Probably not. So here's a re-cap:

GOOD: Cute kids for pictures
BAD: Took 2 hours to get pictures done, so kids cease to be cute
GOOD: Free photo sheets, save about $10
BAD: Did I mention the 2 hours?
GOOD: Ended up with nice shots of the boys
BAD: Every single one of Caroline's photos :(


Elsha said...

So did you ever figure out where you actually made the appointment? Also, I've found it's best to get the first appointment of the day because otherwise there is much waiting involved, and the longer you wait, the less cute the kids get.

Kari and Jonathan said...

Elsha- only your kids would be up and ready for the first appt of the day. Remember what Kirsta said about being on time? Her kids would be naked! :) the thing I've learned about pictures is: you win some, you lose some. We'll take any pictures of your kids!

Kathy said...

Kirsta I've had some pretty hellish picture taking experiences with my kids. I'm sorry that is really oh so not fun. One time I took Gideon, Eden, and Larke together to get pictures of them and Eden lost it. She would no smile. Every picture they got of her there are tears in her eyes. It took 2 hours and I wasn't even waiting for anyone. I agree with Kari. You win some you lose some. It will work out better next time.