Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Hero

Joe sometimes complains that I make him The Bad Guy on my blog.  Mostly I don't talk about him, I think, but I'll compliment* him in this post today!

Last Thursday while making my routine 4:30 call to see if we would see him soon he happened to be getting tickets handed to him that very moment!  Avalanche tickets, too - my favorite!  (Who even knew I liked hockey? Now you know). So we quickly called a babysitter (thank goodness the next day was no school, THAT was lucky) and at 6:30 the babysitter was here and we were gone.  Freedom! Bliss!  A completely random date!  Not only was it a GREAT game (the Av's won in overtime, 4-3), Joe rose to my wishes and dressed nicely.  I get all giddy to go places together since it happens so rarely, I'll put on high heels to hit Home Depot these days if we're going together; Joe, on the other hand, is typically non-plussed and wears his regular un-matching brown shorts and black shirt or even (my personal pet peeve) his glaring-yellow free t-shirt that hurts my eyeballs to even glance at peripherally. He likes it for some reason, possibly because it annoys me SO MUCH it's fun. His grunge and my formality then REALLY clash and we look ridiculous together... but not on Thursday.  We were one smoooooooth couple.

Joe, you're my hero!  Thanks for the date and the nice button-up shirt, I appreciated ALL of it :)

*I can't believe compliment was the best antonym they had for vilify.  They had about 30 synonyms!  And I can't believe I correctly used the word antonym but botched vilify so badly.  Sorry, Joe, I'll probably vilify you in the next post.


Elsha said...

Either you meant to say you WON'T vilify him in this post or you don't know what vilify means.

Also, tell Joe he makes himself The Bad Guy and you just write about it.

Kari and Jonathan said...

Jeez, Elsha was a little harsh.

Yay for date night!!

Rachel said...

Jeff has this orange button-up that he just LOVES. I hate it. I feel you on that one.

And wahoo for date nights! Remember when we went to the Rockies game and it was so awesome because not only did we have fun, but our hubbies did too. (So hard to find compatible couples.)

Kathy said...

Glad you had such a great time! Matt usually dresses nicer then I do so he probably hates some of my clothes. Oh well. I love hockey too. Have you ever been to a lacrosse game? They are so fun. We should go to a game together in February. I think that is when they play.