Monday, December 12, 2016

How to party when you're 33

I don't think I was EVER much for going out, not in my teens OR my 20s, so turning 33 was not the time to begin a wild life of debauchery! And so, homebody that I am, I stayed up late the night before, waiting for Joe to get home - there was a catered dinner for the 2nd shift at work, served at 10 p.m., and he was one of the people in charge of doing that serving. So he got home at 12:30, right as I was giving up and going to bed, and I was so glad I caught him because he walked in with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! He admitted he didn't know where we had stashed the vases so he would have had to wake me up anyway :) 
The flowers were the only thing he brought me on my actual day because just the week prior my birthday present was delivered, and I certainly wasn't going to twiddle my thumbs for a week waiting to open these beauties:
So awesome, right?! Up until they arrived the only place we had to sit was the dining table, which is also the kids art area, and you have to fully clear one vefore you start the other and sometimes I just want a soda and a snack and to NOT clear the table, so this bar has been crying out for some seating! Mission accomplished.

My other birthday wish was to not cook, so we ordered pizza. Hooray, I felt like a kid again! Pizza on my birthday and I was so stoked! I thinks adults are supposed to be stoked about fancy restaurants and extensive dessert menus and such, but we polished off our dinner with made-from-scratch homemade ice cream (as opposed to the "homemade flavor" ice cream from the store, which should be ashamed of itself because it's not even close to fulfilling its claim [except Blue Bell, which isn't sold here]). It was a WONDERFUL evening. 

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